Concordia Hip and Knee Institute

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Located at Winnipeg’s Concordia Hospital Campus, the Concordia Hip and Knee Institute is regarded as one of North America’s leading joint replacement research centres. The three-storey, mixed-use building also provides a variety of pre and post-operative services to improve patient outcomes, helping establish Concordia Hospital as a centre of excellence in orthopedic research, treatment and care.

To maximize return on investment and create additional revenue to support its healthcare mission, the facility incorporates a 22,000 sq. ft. Shoppers Drug Mart on the main floor and offices for Manitoba Health on the second floor. Achieving an uninterrupted floor plate requested by the pharmacy led to pulling out the vertical circulation and main entrance to the second and third floors to serve as a freestanding pavilion. A two-level glazed bridge connects to glazed lobbies on both of these levels. This solution also accommodates a future three-storey expansion to the north.

The building is organized as a transparent floating metallic white box that cantilevers dramatically over the edge, helping to delineate the research and patient-support functions while providing a strong and forward-looking architectural statement.

The Concordia Hip and Knee Institute exemplifies how healthcare and commercial business can support each other within an advanced research building, helping to improve healthcare outcomes for patients not just in Manitoba, but around the world.

Completion date: 2008

Size: 62,500 sq. ft.

Client: Concordia Wellness Projects Inc.


Shell space for commercial business (first floor); Research labs, offices, meeting rooms, clinic (floors 2-3); entrance vestibule


Architecture: LM Architectural Group

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