Shaping healthy, high performing workplaces.

Work environments impact employee retention, team culture and productivity. Our focus is to design sustainable workplaces that inspire and help your team to perform at its best. Access to natural light, inviting social gathering areas and comfortable amenities make a big impact in employee wellbeing and team building, while flexible and collaborative workspaces with intuitive technology accommodate different styles of working and support future adaptability. Our participatory approach and deep knowledge of current and evolving workplace design strategies allow us to deliver highly functional workplaces that reflect your company’s identity, workflow practices and what matters most to your team.

“The LM-ESP team was able to deliver an innovative, dynamic and timeless design solution which exceeded our expectations. They ensured they fully understood Ceridian as a company and provided us with solid advice throughout the project. The space is extremely warm and welcoming, so much so that two staff members decided to delay their plans for retirement.”

– Cheryl Mikulik, Director, North American Facilities and Administration, Ceridian Canada Ltd.

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