Western Canada Sobeys, Safeway and FreshCo Stores

Various store locations across Western Canada

To keep the brand fresh and respond to evolving retail strategies, LM-ESP has been working with Canada Safeway since 1997 to renovate, expand and design new stores across Canada. Upon Sobeys’ acquisition of Safeway in 2013, our successful working relationship transferred to a new ownership group with an expanded scope that now includes more than 120 completed or in-progress Sobeys, Safeway and FreshCo projects from BC’s West Coast to Northern Ontario.

Grocery retail is highly competitive and constantly changing, with new technologies and service offerings transforming customer expectations. To stay ahead, each retail location requires consistent and cost-effective upgrades to improve the shopping experience. With greater emphasis on freshness, service and online ordering, today’s supermarkets must prioritize convenience, aesthetics, sustainability, and ease of access while maintaining a distinctive brand identity.

Managing multiple concurrent projects in various municipalities with different zoning requirements and client groups requires diligent attention to planning and project management. Adding to the complexity, construction must be planned sequentially under tight timelines while each store remains fully operational.

Through extensive experience in retail design, as well as a deep understanding of municipal permitting processes, our team continues to rise to the occasion and meet the high standards of one of Canada’s largest supermarket chains, delivering efficient services to facilitate smooth and consistent shopping experiences in new and renovated stores across the region.

Completion date: Ongoing

Size: Varies

Client: Sobeys Inc.


New stores, major and minor retrofits to existing stores, refrigeration upgrades, zoning and permits, store fixturing and signage.


Architecture : LM Architectural Group

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