Retail & Hospitality
Building customer loyalty and lasting impressions.

How people feel as they interact with a space impacts their perception of your brand. We focus on designing inspiring retail and hospitality environments that capture the essence of your identity and illuminate your unique offerings, encouraging customers to return soon and tell their friends. Responding to customer priorities and staff needs, we balance functionality, aesthetics, technology and sustainability to shape spaces that set you apart in the minds of your clientele. With decades of industry knowledge and keen insight into the changing landscape of retail and hospitality design, we take pride in optimizing your budget to create original experiences.

“The project results at Manitoba Club have been significant. They have changed the way our members connect with their club in so many positive ways. Each and every project we complete, regardless of scope or outcome, are overwhelmingly well received by staff and members alike. A big part of such great response is the thought and high attention to detail provided by the project leads at LM/ESP.”

– Graham Davis, General Manager, Manitoba Club

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