La Roca

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ambiance is everything at this Mexican-inspired lounge and nightlife destination in Winnipeg’s downtown core. The design infuses a fresh perspective and reimagines the hub’s functionality through a structural addition, an exterior revamp, and by establishing a vibrant urban dining setting – both inside and out.

The addition opens up space for a 700-sq.-ft VIP room on the main floor and a 40-person rooftop patio above. An open air, wood canopy lines the front façade framing added large windows, contrasting the black-painted exterior that redefines the facility from the curb. Above the entrance, La Roca’s logo is cut into weathered steel – a material that adds character as it patinas and naturally gains a protective layer to hold up against Winnipeg’s harsh elements.

Inside, a long bar occupies the heart of the dining area surrounded by natural, reclaimed wood finishes and warm mood-lighting. From artwork to wallpaper, several interior details depict skulls, nodding to an important aspect of Mexican culture and the brand’s logo. Extending into a 120-person ground floor patio, flexible furnishings rearrange to accommodate different-sized parties or live music, nestled beneath rope lights illuminating the space at night.

Opening in 2016, La Roca became a hotspot for summer outings with two patios to enjoy and gained a distinguished year-round presence, matching the energetic vibe of one of the busiest blocks in the city.

Completion date: 2016

Size: 6,000 sq. ft.

Client: La Roca


Commerce Design Winnipeg, Grand Jury Prize Award


VIP room addition, rooftop patio, ground floor patio, exterior canopy, entrance vestibule, two interior bars, dining rooms, kitchen facilities, staff areas, washrooms


Architecture: LM Architectural Group
Interior Design: Environmental Space Planning

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