SpareParts Stores: Premium Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories

Winnipeg, Regina and Kelowna

As a Western Canadian fashion and lifestyle accessories retailer, Saskatoon-based Spareparts desired a fresh, energetic design to create a memorable, refined shopping experience for its customer base. Starting with its Winnipeg store at CF Polo Park, ESP was tasked with helping redefine the brand through a sleek and sophisticated yet fun retail interior design concept to serve as the prototype for future stores in Canada.

Targeting tastemakers and a fashion-forward demographic, ESP’s interior design solution focused on creating a moment in a mall locale where shoppers can engage with quality merchandise in an intimate, fashion forward setting. Every square inch of the floor plan, from the custom-designed millwork for accessory displays to LED accent lighting and use of contrasting materials, is carefully planned, sized and integrated to illuminate Spareparts’ high-end products, from designer handbags to watches and sunglasses.

Through the juxtaposition of bright white and neutral tones against raw street materials like steel, concrete and glass, the design is at once emotive, urban, and forward-thinking. Surrounded by natural and timeless wood accents of Douglas fir and zebrawood, a relaxed shopping experience transpires, speaking directly to its customers’ lifestyles. This foreground reflects an elegant yet approachable environment to purchase a special gift, embrace a new look or indulge in a statement piece.

Following the successful completion of the Winnipeg prototype store, our team also designed two additional Spareparts outlets in Regina, SK and Kelowna, BC, further shaping boutique retail experiences in larger shopping centres.

Completion date: 2010 (Winnipeg store) 2011 (Regina and Kelowna stores)

Size: Ranging from 1,229 sq. ft. to 1,440 sq. ft.

Client: SpareParts


Prototype store, Interior fit-ups


Interior Design: Environmental Space Planning

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