November 29, 2023 | Community, Featured Post, Projects
November 29, 2023
Community, Featured Post, Projects
LM-ESP Warming Huts Concept 2024

A group of LM-ESP team members were inspired to volunteer their time and work together to submit a creative, locally inspired concept for the 2024 Warming Huts: An Art +Architecture Competition on Ice. The jury behind this international competition selects a handful of finalists each year whose concepts are built along the Nestaweya River Trail at the historic site of The Forks.

Our team members met over their lunch hours to brainstorm and create the concept, taking into consideration diverse voices and suggestions from over ten staff. While LM-ESP’s concept wasn’t selected as a finalist, we wish to extend a big congratulations to the entire team involved for their hard work, dedication, and planning. We also congratulate all the finalists and entrants in the 2024 competition.

Check out the concept summary below or our full design submission.


The LuminaPrairie creates the experiences of aurora borealis… dancing Northern Lights! This semi-transparent structure combines the freedom and width of the prairies with the fascinating Northern Lights, a cherished phenomenon in Manitoba.

Two curved walls, inspired by the undulating contours of the prairies and the rhythmic sway of its grasslands, elegantly form over the ice. Open entrances invite visitors into the dynamic space where walls of vertical wood framing create a semi-private retreat amidst the crowded, frozen river. Diverse viewpoints offer changing perspectives. The roof is the highlight featuring a light installation embodying the Northern Lights. LED lights in colours of the aurora borealis meander through the space as fabric beneath softly underlines the movement of the rays. Visitors can skate or walk through the installation and are kindly invited to sit or move whilst watching the lights dance! A little outdoor magic on the frozen river trail!


Rendering of LuminaPrairie showing the interior at night by LM-ESP.

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