December 8, 2023 | Featured Post, Projects
December 8, 2023
Featured Post, Projects
Downtown lobby renovation addresses security, access, and active commutes
Two-storey lobby with people moving through the space.

In downtown Winnipeg, a refresh of 200 Graham Avenue’s lobby space redefines the first impression of the 11-storey office building, introduces new tenant amenities and addresses key operational priorities in the urban core. The client, GWL Realty Advisors, retained LM-ESP, SMS Engineering and Crosier Kilgour as the design team to assist in bringing their vision to life. From day one, project planning centered on creating a durable, easy to maintain, yet beautiful lobby space that could elevate tenant well-being and comfort, as well as improve overall site security and access.

The 8,085 sq. ft. lobby renovation prioritizes:

Resilient Space with a Classic Aesthetic

From walnut wood laminate, quartz countertops and large-scale porcelain slabs and tiles to black aluminium accents, eye catching graphics and new LED lighting, the lobby redesign focuses on creating a classic, contemporary aesthetic with an energetic, urban flair. The lobby is a busy, common use space in the building, prompting the use of durable, easy to maintain materials to help preserve the quality of the space long-term and minimize everyday upkeep. Before the renovation, the design was original to the 1990-built development. Select elements were maintained and/or repurposed as part of a broader sustainable design approach, yet the full remodel focused on radiating a fresh, modern perspective, which included new tenant amenities.

New First-Rate Amenities

Prior to the renovation, the Client polled the values and priorities of current tenants, which identified leading amenities to incorporate into the project. In response, building users can now enjoy new accessible change and shower facilities – commonly referred to as “End of Trip” facilities for those actively commuting to work. The modern change and shower areas are located in the card-access area of the building, offer convenient locker storage and energy efficient hygiene amenities. These facilities are further complemented by an underground, secure bike storage area.

Enhanced Security and Accessibility On-Site

The building ties into a popular node on the Winnipeg Skywalk System at the second level and opens on the ground floor to a busy urban intersection at Graham Avenue and Fort Street. The remodeled lobby features an array of new security systems, as well as circulation paths to promote easy navigation and a monitored environment.  Elevator lobbies are enclosed in glass with card-access to control entry to the greater building and prioritize clear visual sightlines. From elevator upgrades and a reinstated central security desk to integrated technology systems, both floors benefit from security design concepts to promote comfort, awareness, and safety.

As the lobby floods with natural light during the day, new adjustable feature lighting creates a strategically lit ambiance in the evening, taking into consideration diverse hours of operation and pedestrian safety. Designed as an active, inviting amenity to benefit the quality of life of all building users, the new lobby makes a statement towards what the property can offer to current and future tenants, enhancing the leasing desirability at 200 Graham long-term.

For more details and photos, check out the full project profile.

Graham Lobby accessible change and shower facilities, commonly referred to as an "End of Trip" facility.

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