June 30, 2023 | Projects
June 30, 2023
BOMA Manitoba Award of Excellence 2023

A recently completed office and building renovation is recognized for tenant satisfaction and holistic improvement.

At the BOMA Manitoba Awards of Excellence Luncheon, held on June 20 at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre, LM-ESP was presented with the 2023 Tenant Improvement of the Year Award in the Renovation Category. The recognition celebrates Capital Commercial Real Estate Services’ redefined two-story office and upgraded building.

The award criterion focuses on demonstrating how the design meets the client’s functional and aesthetic goals, as well as adds value for the organization, the building and those who use the facility each day. This project represented a long-standing vision and tremendous collaboration on all sides to bring the vision to life. The resulting outcome was a modern, highly connected and technically equipped office environment, nestled within a building the Client recently purchased. The building was also significantly upgraded to enhance access, security and operational efficiency on-site.

The Tenant Improvement of the Year Award is part of BOMA Manitoba’s Awards of Excellence Program. We wish to thank BOMA Manitoba for recognizing LM-ESP for the second year in a row. This award celebrates the design team, strong client partnership with Capital Commercial Real Estate and the hard work of all project partners involved. Congratulations to all!

To learn more about the design, check out our full project profile.


Three LM-ESP team members from the project team.

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