August 9, 2022 | Projects
August 9, 2022
Bill and Helen Norrie Library named Best of the Region in Shaw Contract Design Awards

We are pleased to announce Bill and Helen Norrie Library graced the “Best of the Region” list in the Shaw Contract 2022 Design Awards.

The 14,000 square foot new library, nestled into the Grant Park campus in Winnipeg, was one of six interior design projects recognized in the “Best of North America” category presented by Shaw Contract. A total of 79 submissions were entered into the competition from across Canada and the U.S. and the finalists were selected by a judging panel of seven interior designers.

This recognition is welcome news for our firm and we are honoured to be acknowledged alongside North American interior design projects of such high caliber and quality. This acknowledgement further demonstrates the complimentary process of integrated architecture and interior design working hand-in-hand at every stage to create distinct, welcoming and highly functional landmarks that serve the community. We invite you to click here to read our award submission for an opportunity to learn more about the design elements unique to this community hub.

Congratulations to all Shaw Contract 2022 Design Award recipients. We wish to also extend congratulations to the Client, The City of Winnipeg, and all of the partners involved in this exciting, Winnipeg-based project.

For more details and photos, check out our full project profile.

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