September 24, 2021 | Community, Projects
September 24, 2021
Community, Projects
Official Opening of École Waterford Springs School and Bumper Crop Daycare

On September 23rd our team virtually attended the official opening of École Waterford Springs School and Bumper Crop Daycare. The project team was recognized for their efforts, which included representatives from Winnipeg School Division, the Province of Manitoba, and the LMAG led consultant team – each of whom contributed on a daily basis to make the project a successful one.

It was especially rewarding to hear from a 5th grade student, Evan, who spoke on behalf of all students at Waterford Springs:

“Being able to see the school getting built was insane! Being the first group of students to attend this school is awesome … all the teachers and students here are kind, caring, and helpful. I am looking forward to making great memories here together”.

We would like to congratulate everyone involved in this project, and we wish the students and staff a safe and successful school year full of great memories!

The opening ceremony is available to view on the Winnipeg School Division’s YouTube Channel – check it out below! For more details, check out our project profile.



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