Gaynor Family Regional Library

Selkirk, Manitoba

Gaynor Family Regional Library is a multi-use complex featuring mixed-media resources and community amenities to advance the quality of library services for the municipalities of Selkirk, St. Andrews and St. Clements. The facility unites two regional entities under one roof — the 15,000 sq. ft. library and the offices for the Red River Planning District.

As a welcoming public commons, the facility serves as a social and cultural destination that creates a neighbourhood hub for the region. The design focused on optimizing the library’s visibility in the community and providing a setting for reflection and repose within the landscape, framing and drawing focus to specific prairie vistas. By introducing large expanses of glass, the library’s activity is highly visible from the exterior, inviting passersby to come in and employing a holistic strategy for natural light to filter deep into the floorplate.

The project is driven by several innovative sustainable design strategies with an emphasis on enhanced energy performance, including but not limited to: a complete geothermal heating and cooling system, interactive building systems control, locally sourced material selection and a naturalized site drainage design. These priorities ultimately prompted the facility to achieve 3 Green Globes Certification.

Designed to support future expansion of the library to develop in step with the region, this added community asset is a place where people of all ages can study, connect and spend quality time year-round, immersed in a natural and relaxing environment.

Completion date: 2013

Size: 15,000 sq. ft.

Client: Gaynor Family Regional Library


Staff lounge, library services and offices, support spaces, program room, internet café, washrooms, lobby, storytelling area, open library collections, fireside lounge, multipurpose room, council chambers and administration areas.


Architecture: LM Architectural Group
Interior Design: Environmental Space Planning

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