Matthew Bowering

Principal | Architect

Matthew is a knowledgeable and technically minded architect who specializes in healthcare design, including hospitals, long-term care and mental health facilities. Driven by the desire to positively impact patients and healthcare providers, he is committed to taking on the complexities of healthcare design with pragmatism and genuine concern for the well-being of building users.

With strong technical aptitude, creativity and attention to detail, Matthew is a recognized leader in his field who continually strives to improve the status quo and push the boundaries of healthcare design.

Matthew completed his Master of Architecture at the University of Calgary in 2008, becoming a registered architect and joining LM-ESP the same year. He was appointed principal in 2018.

“Successful collaboration relies on a foundation of trust. This understanding, that we are listening and truly care, needs to be fostered for every project to reach its full potential.”

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