December 15, 2022 | Team
December 15, 2022
Recognizing this year’s recipient of the Mel Michener Architectural Fellowship

On behalf of LM-ESP, we are pleased to announce Jeramee Fajardo as this year’s recipient of the Mel Michener Architectural Fellowship. Established in 2002, following Mel Michener’s retirement from the firm that he established in partnership with Gerald Libling in 1954, the Fellowship honours Mel’s many contributions to the architectural professional during his over four-decade career. The prestigious award is presented annually to a student in their final year of the University of Manitoba’s Master of Architecture program who demonstrates the skills necessary to become a leader in the profession.

“Receiving this award has greatly relieved me from financial concerns regarding tuition for the rest of the year, in turn, allowing me to completely put my focus and energy in my design thesis,” shared Fajardo.

His project reviewed for the Fellowship and pictured above was titled, “Nautholsvik Interpretive Centre & Geological Trail.” LM-ESP Senior Advisor and past principal Terry Danelley mentions it was a very strong and poetic solution to a relatively simple program. Having worked with Mel Michener throughout his career, Danelley indicated “it is work I know Mel would have admired and respected.”

Review Excerpt:

A very modernist, but architecturally formal interpretive centre, located on an ocean site in Reykjavik, the building was raised on pilotis; the two-storey interpretive centre taking visitors through the main floor exhibition space and then outdoors to a geologic pathway carved into the earth with high surrounding walls that led to the ocean and terminated in a tidal stair. The building materiality and aesthetic was quite harsh and unforgiving, not unlike the environment in which it is located.

Jeramee is currently pursuing his final year of his Master of Architecture degree at the University of Manitoba. His thesis topic titled, “Ode to Diners: Spatial Democracy in Dining Societies,” attempts to reveal the latent significance of the diner institution in contemporary society. He stated the design strategy will analyze “the diner’s architectural qualities and project its memory and history towards the creation of a future democratized dining society. This contemporary diner will advocate for an architectural fusion materialized through reciprocal relationships between the public realm, dining practices, and sustainable food processes. It will be sited in Winnipeg’s North End to serve as a catalyst for reinvigorating local activities, public agency, and democratic spaces.” We look forward to seeing the results of his efforts and wish him success in this final academic year.

Congratulations to Jeramee on receiving the Mel Michener Architectural Fellowship and we wish all candidates the best of luck in their future endeavours in the profession. This year’s selection process saw exceptional work put forward and we celebrate all students on their project research and originality.

“I am extremely honoured and thankful for the confidence that this award has given me to keep working hard for the rest of my time as a student at the University of Manitoba.”

Jeramee Fajardo, Fellowship Recipient
Fellowship recipient Jeramee Fajardo with Senior Advisor and past firm Principal Terry Danelley in front of the Mel Michener Conference Centre.

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