April 25, 2022 | Projects
April 25, 2022
Celebrating collaboration and connectivity inside Colliers’ new office

The buzz of lively conversation fills the air at the informal coffee bar. Lining the perimeter of the office, team members comfortably work together in collaboration zones with abundant natural light and scenic Winnipeg views. These amenities are only a handful of the benefits the Colliers Winnipeg team has been enjoying since moving into their new office space.

Colliers decided to move into a new office in downtown Winnipeg located on the sixth floor at 330 St. Mary Avenue. Accessible from the Skywalk, the new location opened the door for many opportunities, including the influential factor of having their team operate on a single floor instead of on multiple levels. In partnering with LM Architectural Group and Environmental Space Planning (LM/ESP) for the renovation of their new space, the design maximized on this new era of togetherness by prioritizing collaboration, team culture and inclusivity at every turn.

“(I) love that we are all on the same floor, and we see other departments regularly and develop better working relationships,” expressed a Colliers team member in a recent employee survey.

Breakout meeting rooms and collaboration zones are dispersed throughout to help staff easily connect during the work day for discussions, planning sessions, training and more. The different-sized meeting spaces are outfitted with advanced technology systems conducive to seamless remote connectivity with team members or clients. As Colliers took the initiative to lead an employee satisfaction survey before and after the office relocation, each part of the survey saw a soaring improvement. The Functionality of workspace for group work category jumped the highest amount by 40%, resulting in an employee satisfaction rate of 95%.

“The LM-designed employee collaboration workspaces allows for those casual conversations or more formal discussions to occur where previously there was no space to do so,” shared Colleen Heinrichs, Operations Manager at Colliers.

Casual conversations can continue naturally as an informal coffee bar and staff café are strategically situated next to the inviting reception area and meeting spaces. With the exchange of ideas flourishing and communication increasing across departments, the design also prioritized flexibility. Between the boardroom and staff café, a folding wall system with built-in noise management technology allows this space to function as two separate areas or open into one large welcoming space. Upon moving in, this spot was put to the test to successfully host an internal company gathering. Demountable wall systems and modular furniture were also incorporated for ease of future reconfiguration and sound proofing techniques were leveraged throughout for different types of productivity to flourish.

“From collaboration spaces, offices located on the interior of the space and workspace located closer to the windows, branding throughout the space, client-focused, professional state-of-the-art spaces, the design is the benchmark for an office within Colliers Canada,” shared Heinrichs.

The silhouettes of Winnipeg’s notable landmarks etched onto the glass doors and the layout offering access to daylight and expansive city views truly help anchor the space to its prime location in the heart of city. With a new bright, welcoming and collaborative environment, it is easy to understand why some Colliers team members with the option to work from home are choosing to come into the office to be part of this lively, functional work hub.

For more details and photos, check out our full project profile.

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